Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Thoughts are duplicable and transferable beings.
I have an idea, I vocalize it and its now almost identically imprinted in your brain.
Almost exact.
One could say fotocopied, with just a tiny change if anything. Barely noticeable.

Emotions on the other hand are unique.
I dont know if you love like I love.
If I tell you how I feel when I love it doesnt mean you can feel it.
If I tell you I love you, it doesnt mean you have the capability to love me back the same way, or even remotely close.

Its a non transferable ownership.
Unique and unduplicable. Unshakeable.

That makes them so much more special over rationality and thought.
Thats why we are still obsessed by them.
Thats probably why you dont understand.
Thats why I am a creature of love, and you are just a creature.

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